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Email Notification Package and ClearQuest 7.1

The package was tested successfully with ClearQuest version 7.1

Code Page Enforcement

The following steps were necessary for pre-1.4 release only and no longer required!

ClearQuest version 7.1 enforces Code Page settings for packages. If package already applied to your schema, you will see the following "Problem Occurred" message in the new Designer:

 Show registered packages failed...
 Failed condition: m_cp != sUnsetCodePage

The error message does not tell you names of the failed packages. Please follow the steps below to fix the problem

  • Add the following line to the [General] section of "package.ini" files in EmailNotification\1.3 package and UDBProperties\1.1 directories, located in ClearQuest\packages
  • After .ini files are updated, re-register packages
(assume ClearQuest 7.1 default location in the example, please update paths when required)
 packageutil registerpackage EmailNotification 1.3 -unregister
 packageutil registerpackage EmailNotification 1.2 -unregister
 packageutil registerpackage EmailNotification 1.1 -unregister
 packageutil registerpackage EmailNotification 1.0 -unregister
 packageutil registerpackage UDBProperties 1.1 -unregister
 packageutil registerpackage UDBProperties 1.0 -unregister
 packageutil registerpackage UDBProperties 1.1 \
        "C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearQuest\packages\UDBProperties\1.1"
 packageutil registerpackage EmailNotification 1.3 \
        "C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearQuest\packages\EmailNotification\1.3"

The error message will disappear.

If you install package in the new schema repository, it will appear in the package list after completing steps above. You need to restart designer, BTW. (Even if you cannot see the package in the list, you can still use packageutil in command line to apply packages)

It is not a critical issue, because you need to install packages and perform these steps on machines where you develop your ClearQuest schema only. There is no need to install package on the clients.

Fixed problems

I am glad to announce that the problem with Perl socket library that caused some problems in Eclipse client in 7.0.1 is fixed. The package was successfully tested with all clients, using access and MS SQL Server backend databases and all feature levels.

BTW, I would not recommend to deploy 7.1 until first service pack is released, but it is my personal opinion.