Applying Package to Stateless Records

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Applying Package to a Stateless record type

You cannot apply any package to stateless record type using Package Wizard. Fortunately, command line tool packageutil does not have such restrictions

  • Apply package to stateless record type from command line
  packageutil enablerecord -dbset <connection>  <login>  <admin> \
                <schema_name> EmailNotification <record_type> -nocheckin
 --- Modifying work in progress on revisiioon xxx of schema 'Your_Schema_Name'
 +++ Enabled record type 'record_type' for version '1.2' of package 'EmailNotification'
 --- Saved work in progress on revision 22 of schema 'Your_Schema_Name'
  • Open schema in designer to verify changes.
  • Checkin schema and upgrade user databases.

Note: Any action of Base type cause a delay in stateless record type actions (even simple one). The delay can be significant if you have hundreds of thousands records and need to import them on regular basis. All operations seems to be about 7 times slower (with BASE actions vs without it).