Email Notification Service Configuration

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EmailNotification Service Configuration File

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

  ClearQuest login and password 
  cleartext password must be encrypted using "encrypt" command 

  DBSets configured for email notification
<!--each connection starts with <dbset> tag --> 
  <!--connection name (dbset)-->
  <name>ClearQuest Connection Name</name>
  <!-- dbset specific credentials can be specified here. It would override global settings
  password can be provided as clear text and encrypted using “encrypt” command.

<!-- all user databases  -->

  <name>Another ClearQuest DBSet</name>

<!-- scheduled execution parameters  
     by  default the service queries the databases
     every 5 minutes (30 seconds) with 
     0 seconds offset from the beginning of the hour
<!--additional configuration options 
Logfile – alternative log file name-->

<!-- Log level – desirable logging level -->

<!-- debug – turn on debug output -->

<!-- verbose – turn on console output -->

  Local configuration flag
  when set to "false" email settings are retrieved from the ClearQuest database

<!-- example of the local email settings

 email host – SMTP server name. It might include port number. 

Alternatively, port number can be specified as <mail.smtp.port>port</mail.smtp.port>

  Authentication credentials. Password can be provided as clear text and encrypted using “encrypt” command.

turn on STARTTLS on smtp connection:
trust particular host self-signed or invalid certificate

use SSL: